Cybersecurity 101 – What You Need to Know

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You may have many questions regarding data security and data breaches, such as how do you improve cybersecurity for your organization? Or how do you keep your data safe? Do you have the right tools in place and are they well connected to each other? If you are not asking these questions, either you are quite informed about it, or you don’t understand the importance of data security, which, we can assure you, could be lethal for your business.

Let us set the record straight, viruses are malignant, and data breaches are unaffordable for any organization, especially small to medium-sized businesses.

There are different layers in an organization that need defense. And you need to place different tools in all those layers to build an in-depth defense to safeguard your business. And that is where cybersecurity companies like Cyberware AI come in … to make it all a little less complicated for you.

Recently, Dallas has fallen victim to many ransomware attacks.

According to the recent survey by Fortinet, the volume and sophistication of ransomware attacks significantly increased in the first 6 months of 2021. They targeted individuals, organizations, and even increasingly critical infrastructure.

Hackers are not sparing the schools too. A school district in Dallas became a victim of ransomware. As stated by News Nation USA, the hackers had taken down phones, Wi-Fi, computers, fax machines, and electronic badges for doors as well.

In another case of data breach reported in Dallas, Texas, an activist group received hundreds of hours of mostly Dallas police aerial surveillance footage as reported by The Dallas Morning News. It also reported that over 600 hours, almost 2 TB of drone and police helicopter footage was posted on the hackers’ website.  

Poor network security can lead to a data breach, bringing havoc for both public and private organizations. And incidents like these remind us time and again of the importance of cloud security and how necessary it is to have some real security solutions for any organization.

The ideal way to avoid such cybercrimes is using Artificial Intelligence along with Cybersecurity. It effectively analyzes the behavior of the user and finds flaws in the network security.

Artificial intelligence uses human intelligence to create algorithms that are responsible for aiding cybersec experts to ensure cybersecurity for your organization. Its power enables it to crunch a very large volume of data that would be impossible for a person. Coupled with a solid cybersecurity program, AI offers a secure environment for all your data. AI also reduces the response time, making it an immensely useful technique for network security. With minimal human intervention and a highly reduced responding time, AI has become a very desirable tool for third-party cybersecurity companies.  

Complex Artificial intelligence for data security in today's world can be found everywhere: according to Google reports, Gmail uses machine learning, a part of artificial intelligence, to catch and remove a hundred million phishing emails every day.

As claimed by Fortune Magazine, some of the biggest companies like Microsoft, Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Inc., as well as various startups are deploying machine learning algorithms to stop hackers. They are moving away from older technology and are adopting advanced AI technology to set up an improved and more powerful cybersecurity system. As reported by Fortune, after adopting an AI-based security system Amazon Chief Information Security Officer Stephen Schmidt said “We will see an improved ability to identify threats earlier in the attack cycle and thereby reduce the total amount of damage and more quickly restore systems to a desirable state,”.

His confidence in cybersecurity tools based on Artificial intelligence gives a very good reason for smaller companies to believe him and try to employ the same techniques. This can be a hurdle for small businesses because of the financial concern – Cyberware AI is here to democratize cybersecurity for small to medium-sized businesses…to provide enterprise-level security on an SMB budget.

For data threats and security breaches, AI works as ab effective detector. Analyzing behavior with the usage of AI techniques like machine learning and deep learning offers a great advantage over traditional methods of information security. Using the combination of both traditional security methods and artificial intelligence, a wide array of security threats can be detected.

AI has an impeccable capacity to alarm a system prior to any fault or damage due to its continuous tracking of data systems. With advanced machine learning capabilities, AI helps in securing the hardware and infrastructure with enhanced effectiveness, saving organizations from major financial losses.  

Cybersecurity professionals remove unwanted, malicious data to in order to provide network security. They also trace unauthorized activities, eliminate them and protect complex networks.

When it comes to cybersecurity, the top-end capabilities that AI-based tools offer cannot be replaced with any other tools. Traditional security solutions can only identify and fix the known data breaches and vulnerabilities, while AI works according to the usage patterns and helps in identifying network security threats quicker. AI empowers the security solution to efficiently perform vulnerability assessment and take corrective action in time.

With an immense growth in ransomware attacks in the last year (2020), we can now see an urgency to get a robust cybersecurity solution across all networks, endpoints, and cloud environments. This gap between attacks and security solutions has to be filled for a more secure ecosystem for business organizations. Especially, the gap we see between the most common methods of ransomware attacks and the security technologies, SOPs and tactics used by experts.

For consistent, steady cybersecurity, it is essential for organizations to invest in advanced technologies for the security of their network and the security of their uncompromisable data. In addition to the mainstay security solutions, it is advisable to use AI-based tools to save enterprises from massive security risks in the future.

Cybersecurity companies help enterprises build a more holistic defense system against incredibly dangerous viruses like ransomware and protect from data breaches, mounting a stronger network firewall. With dependable tools and techniques for cybersecurity, they offer security software for complete cloud security, data security, and network security.

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