Why is Cybersecurity Crucial for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses?

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Table Of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Latest Data Breaches that you Need to Know
  • How to Diminish the Occurrence of a Data Breach?
  • Why do SMBs need Assistance from Cybersecurity Companies?
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We see new hacker tricks and tactics malicious actors use for various reasons. For most big companies and small enterprises, more often than not, it’s either data, their motivation, or finance.

You must have seen the common tactics — fake calls, malicious links or pop-ups, and phishing emails. With the right application of advanced artificial intelligence along with proven cybersecurity solutions, such cyberattacks can be mitigated.

Most organizations in the US, be it private or public, big or small, have now started recognizing the importance of powerful cybersecurity.

According to Texas Standard, some local governments have turned to outside security firms and others have focused on training their employees and deploying tools to prevent their data.

Larger enterprises beef up their cybersecurity and are able to defend against most cyberthreats. But the same cannot be said for small and medium enterprises, due to tight budgets to invest in cybersecurity solutions, they largely remain vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. For SMEs, the

consequences of falling victim to malicious attacks can be devastating. From public fallout caused by announcing a data breach to possible lawsuits and reputational loss, SMEs may have to recover from a lot other than just recovering their data.

As per Cybercrime Magazine, 60% of small companies close within 6 months of being hacked. Therefore, it is crucial for small and mid-sized enterprises to keep a stringent eye on suspicious activities in their network. Today, it has become more affordable than ever for SMEs to get a better vulnerability assessment and work with cybersecurity companies to build stronger cloud security.

Data Breaches

Latest Data Breaches That You Need To Know

Techradar reported a data breach revealed by a Japanese multinational conglomerate Panasonic. According to the report, Panasonic suffered this breach earlier this month (November 2021) after an unauthorized third party gained access to its network.

According to the recent report by The Hacker News, web hosting giant GoDaddy disclosed a data breach that resulted in unauthorized access of data belonging to 1.2 million customers. As per The Hacker News, the world’s largest domain registrar, GoDaddy revealed that it discovered the break-in on November 17th, 2021.

Sufficed to say, such cyberattacks on data security can turn out to be detrimental for the companies. CPO Magazine reported on 24th November 2021 that after GoDaddy’s news on data breach became public, its shares fell by 1.6%.

Incidents like these raise an essential question — How to diminish the financial impact of a data breach? Or in other words, how to diminish the occurrence of a data breach?

The major cause of a data breach is the vulnerabilities in security which leads to an exposure of information. It can also be an honest mistake of an employee or a grudge which can lead to maliciously release of data. But data breaches commonly occur due to cyberattacks like hacktivist campaigns that aim to achieve political, religious, or social justice; industrial espionage aiming to achieve a competitive edge; ransomware attacks for financial gain; and more.

To strengthen network security, training employees continuously plays a significant role in resisting data breaches. They should be trained for compliance regulations, their responsibility towards corporate data protection, email responsibility that focuses on identifying phishing tricks, how to maintain credentials and passwords, and so on.

When a business organization uses a wide array of IoT devices, it becomes vital to deploy endpoint protection throughout the network. Specific web filters controls can also be set to corporate devices or limit access to sites that are known to cause malware attacks.

Conducting vulnerability assessment of information security periodically to evaluate potential threats and develop preventive measures and policies to address the vulnerabilities identified in the assessment is also a great way to achieve data security to a great extent.

There are many such tools that companies need to employ to prevent a data breach and save themselves from financial and reputational loss. But, it can take a big budget to employ cybersecurity experts and have cybersecurity software programs installed in your system, making it difficult for SMEs to secure their data. For such SMEs, cybersecurity companies like Cyberware AI work to safeguard data assets by offering a comprehensive set of strategies and managed services. Cyberware AI allows enterprise-level security but at a price point that is affordable for SMBs. Its virtual Security-Program-as-a-Service (SPAAS) approach helps SMBs scale their cybersecurity as they scale their business revenue.

Why do SMBs need assistance from Cybersecurity companies?

From checking for vulnerabilities and risks with the eye of an expert to building customized cybersecurity software programs, these companies offer round-the-clock security which allows them to respond quickly and mitigate cyberattacks effectively.

Cybersecurity companies work with an experienced team of IT professionals and are highly efficient in the vulnerability assessment of your business’s infrastructure. They identify and remediate your cloud infrastructure’s security vulnerabilities

Such cybersecurity audits are necessary for small to medium-sized businesses to find weaknesses in their infrastructure and discover the right ways to secure their business from malicious attacks and data breaches.

For end-to-end vulnerability management, these companies also offer security awareness training programs for your team so that they can be more vigilant and learn to recognize phishing attacks.

Hence, you don’t need to risk your important business data and information if you think your business does not have a budget big enough to hire an expert team of IT professionals to manage your business's cybersecurity. Let offshore cybersecurity companies help you get 24x7x365 cybersecurity facilities in your budget.


Cyberware AI is a leading-edge cybersecurity firm that is disrupting the industry with our comprehensive, multi-tiered approach to safeguarding assets for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Cyberware AI’s unique engagement model allows us to provide enterprise-level security at a price point affordable to SMBs. For more, contact info@cyberware.ai